The Frequency Adjuster® creates the zero point frequency that we first felt when we were born.  This zero point is the still place that is created when all frequencies are in balance together.  At this point, if there is a frequency introduced, that frequency will move in its own unique rhyme without any interference.  What this means for you is that when you attune the adjuster to you, it will allow your own natural rhyme to function fully again.  It will create a reset for you.


The Frequency Adjuster® once it is attuned to you, will not only keep your natural rhyme fully functioning, but it will also remove from your energy field all the particles you have collected over time, that are acting like little magnets, keeping you in patterns in your life that are not aligned to your own unique rhyme.

Frequency Adjuster®

  • The Frequency Adjuster “Om Healing Wand” is made of a very specific wood, called Bubinga (Guibourtia demeusei) from an energetic frequency prospective it has a very high frequency, that of Love, spirituality, healing, intuition and insight.

    The Instrument is very specifically designed using sacred geometry, it has 12 points on either end which represent Source’s power, perfection and authority given to mankind. You can find this referenced in many places in the Bible. Also the number rules time and space and is a perfect entity.

    The length is exactly 8”, the ends are one inch, which represent our natural perfect connection to Source and the Earth. The middle is 6”, which breaks to 2×3, which 2 represents humans and 3 is Source.

    It has 10 sides around the middle and we have 11 body systems, each side corresponds with a body system and the whole corresponds to the skeletal system.

    It has a DNA like structure inside with a crystal on the male or Source side and a salt substance on the female or Earth side. It has crystals down the middle corresponding to all the chakras in the body.

    The process of attuning it to yourself consists of holding it in a particular way for 9 seconds each time, 9 representing completion.

    When you attune this to yourself it will balance all the body systems, all your energy centers and your natural perfect connection to Source and the earth, with your “Natural” frequencies of all. Unlike YOU who has an ego, the Frequency Adjuster “Om Healing Wand” cannot be altered from the natural frequencies, because of this, it will continually be an aide to you in keeping your frequencies aligned.