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Harmony: Sacred Basil Flower Essence

Basil (Sacred) Flower Essence

  • Harmony: Sacred Basil Flower Essence

    Ocimum sanctum

    Organic | Sustainably Sourced


    Harmony: Sacred Basil Flower Essence enhances clarity around our true nature or life purpose.


    ½ fl oz (15 mL) | Stock strength


    Sacred Basil Tulsi FlowerSacred Basil is considered to be the Mother goddess incarnated in plant form, nourishing and sustaining life. It is also considered to be a “sattvic” plant, meaning that it is “beneficent to all, harmful to no one”, thus carrying an energy of purity and wisdom. As an herb, it boosts immunity and vitality and it can be used as a preventative to maintain a resilient body.


    This biodynamic Sacred Basil (also known as “Holy Basil” or tulsi) is an adaptogen, harmonizing, balancing and strengthening the physiological axis of the endocrine, immune and nervous systems, thus greatly improving resistance to daily stress. As a flower essence, Sacred Basil flower essence energetically imparts this same whole body tonic effect. It is thought to nourish and help maintain the balance of the subtle bodies, a type of spiritual energetic tonic. It helps to balance and integrate our spiritual energy within physicality; the integration of our personality and soul. Energetically, it enhances the flow of prana downward through the crown of the head and upward through the soles of the feet, coalescing in the heart. Sacred Basil supports you in operating from a heart-centered place, bringing clarity around your true nature and dharma/soul directed purpose.


    Ingredients: Spring water, 20% organic grape alcohol and infusion of Sacred Basil flower